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Julie Ojeda

Julie is a Level 2, Pilates Allianace Australasia (PAA) member and is thus required and committed to continuing education and practice development with registered educators.  

Personally, Julie has enjoyed a regular and unflinching practice of pilates for some 16 years.  She has always had a love of anything physical and has been involved with many different sporting activities over her years, including athletics, martial arts (Ninjutsu), boxing, weight training and indoor rock climbing to name a few.  Pilates has played a pivotal role in her continuing ability to participate in whichever sporting activity takes her fancy.  Her regular practice of Pilates and understanding of body mechanics has meant that she has come through some pretty heavy physical workloads with no injuries.

So while her love of Pilates was always there, her obsession with it began shortly after having her first child.  It was at this time Julie began experiencing a few of the usual problems associated with the increased load that pregnancy places of the female body, particularly through the hips and SI joint.  Regular practice over a period of 6 to 12 months helped return Julie’s body to it’s former pain-free and well aligned self.  After banishing her pain and regaining a feeling of strength and control, Julie’s appreciation of Pilates turned into an Obsession!  She wanted to learn more about this wonderful system of exercising.



Full Certification in STOTTS Pilates (equivolent to a Diploma of Pilates), including additional studies in Clinical Pilates

PAA Level 2 Membership

Cert IV Pilates

Cert IV Allied Health Assistant

Cert IV Fitness

Julie regularly partakes in further educational courses to improve and increase her understanding of biomechanics and the role that Pilates can play in improving posture and pain, including Advanced Anatomy studies.  She's always looking to expand her knowledge and understanding of biomechanics, muscle activation, and how the muscles work with or against each other to assist in developing rehabilitative Pilates programs for those with spinal conditions and various other injuries including shoulder injuries and SI joint issues.  She has a genuine interest and desire in helping people feel whole again, and regaining control of their lives through pain reduction and changing bad postural behavior patterns.  

She believes that the empowerment that comes with the health and vitality of a well-functioning body translates into a happier and more self-aware individual.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being strong and in control of your own physical health and well-being.