Developing strength, balance & coordination

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Pilates is all about developing strength, endurance, flexibility and muscular balance throughout the body.  Through continuous practice you will develop a real connection with your body, and an understanding of appropriate movement and ideal positioning.  The end result is ease of movement, comfort and grace.  Focusing on the actual essence of each exercise, the reason why we do it, will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from each exercise.  It is all about the quality of the exercise we do.  Take the time to listen to the instructor when they’re talking you through the exercise, and raise your hand, or ask for assistance if you don’t “feel” it where you should.  They will be able to guide you through each exercise and make any micro-adjustments needed for your body.

You may not be as strong and flexible as the other class participants, but Pilates is not a competition.  It is about your own personal journey – if you give your best focused effort and perform the exercises to your best ability, you will receive as much benefit from each exercise as those stronger, more flexible participants. 

Regular exercise using the pilates method makes living easier!  A properly developed pilates exercise program will work each muscle group providing the body with balance and harmony, and allowing smooth, easy movement free from pain. 


"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"

- Joseph H. Pilates, 1934 Return to Life Through Contrology


Developing a regular practice.

As with all exercise, practising 2-3 times per week works best for most people, but you may need to experiment to finds what works for you.   As a general rule, Pilates can effect huge results when regular practice is taken up twice or thrice weekly.  

Make a commitment to yourself.

Diarise your Pilates time in advance each week.  Be strong, and don’t think of Pilates as something to be done when you can find the time.  Treat it as an essential part of your health and well-being, and take the time to nurture yourself regularly. Be responsible for your own well-being and dedicate the time needed for yourself.  You’ll feel better for it, and be a better person!!

Set Goals

Success in any part of our lives requires commitment and dedication.  Whether your goals are general health and well-being, living pain free, or looking better in your swim suit, make the commitment to yourself and map out the journey to your end goal.  Goal setting is a powerful process for motivating yourself to turn your vision of a future into a reality.