Developing strength, balance & coordination

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Who is it good for?

Pilates is good for EVERYONE, and anyone wanting to stay fit and healthy throughout life. Fit, or unfit, male or female, young, old, pregnant, any culture, temperament, elite athlete…. phew, have I covered everyone!

  • It’s fantastic for people just starting to get fit because it teaches you how to exercise in a safe and efficient manner and wakes up the deep muscles that haven;t been used in a while.  
  • It helps people with injuries by targeting and working specific muscles to bring the body back into it’s ideal alignment.  Ideal alignment increases the comfort of the body and allows us to use the body segments as they were intended to be used.  It is therefore great for people who are recovering from injury.  
  • It is awesome for fit people as it works the whole body in an efficient and even manner, and also allows individuals to work their weak areas, bringing balance throughout the body
  • Elite athletes are able to enhance their performance through greater efficiency and use of their muscle actions, via specific exercises/actions which reproduce their sports specific movements.