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What is Pilates?

Originally developed by the late Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a system of exercising which uses exercises designed specifically to improve core strength, muscle tone, physical strength, flexibility, balance, posture and enhanced mental awareness. Whether it be for general fitness or for injury rehabilitation, specially formulated exercises tone and condition your body in a completely unique method, bringing your body into symmetry and balance.

The workouts are designed to go through a full range of the body’s natural movement patterns in each class. This allows your body to move freely, and fluidly through natural and functional ranges of motion. Close supervision of your exercises ensures correct technique to gain maximum benefit. Due to focus on using breath through the exercises, Pilates is also great for stress relief and for calming or centring the mind.

As opposed to a normal gym workout, Pilates is a gentler, more holistic way to improve muscle tone, suppleness and functional strength. Due to working through full range of muscular contractions, Pilates will lengthen and strengthen, shape and stretch all your muscles without building bulk.

If you want all the benefits of exercise but you're not a gym person, then Pilates is definitely for you.

At Pure Power Pilates you can choose from Reformer classes, Clinical Pilates (for injury rehab), Private Personal Training, or Small Group training (2-3 ppl).  The equipment includes the Reformer, Matwork, Bosu, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac,  and various other smaller pieces of equipment and props.  Clinical/Private sessions are ideal if you are injured, pregnant or have sport-specific goals.  Have a chat with us about which combination of Pilates classes will best suit your individual needs and let's get you moving!

Because Pilates really is a well-rounded system of exercise, it’s perfect for:

  • Increasing your fitness, strength and muscle tone
  • Increasing power, stability and core strength
  • Keeping your body in peak condition
  • Increasing flexibility, mobility, balance and range of movement
  • Reducing your risk of injury through safe exercise habits
  • Lower body conditioning – for runners, cyclists and athletes
  • Upper body conditioning – for golfers, tennis players, cricketers etc