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General Terms:

Known medical conditions/injuries:

If the client has a known medical condition or injury, a referral from their specialist should be obtained and provided a few days prior to commencement of group classes or private sessions.  The referral should include a medical clearance for the client to undertake such activities, and the client should bring along any MRI scans, x-rays or other diagnostic report relating to said condition/injury.  This assists the Operator/Instructor to ensure appropriate exercise modifications and equipment can be organised prior to the class or private session.

 The client must always advise the Operator/Instructor of any medical conditions or injuries/problems prior to the commencement of each group class or private session.

 The client should always stop whatever exercise they are doing if they feel unwell, or are experiencing pain anywhere in the body, and advise the Operator/Instructor immediately of same.

 Group Classes:


Casual classes must be paid for on the day on the class.  Term payments for Group fitness classes are to be paid up-front by Term.  Payment must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of the first class of each Term.

Inability to attend group class:

If you are unable to attend a class which has been paid for by Term, you will have the opportunity to make that class up, if there is availability in another group class.  This can only be done within the running term in which the absence is recorded.  If the client is unable to make up the class during that period, the class is forfeited.  Make up classes will not be carried forward.  Only 2 make up classes will be afforded each client each Term.  Beyond this number, absence will be seen as a forfeiture of that class.


 If for some reason, due to illness or injury, you wish to cancel your pre-paid Term classes mid-Term, or at any time during the Term, it is at the Operator’s discretion to return monies paid.  It must be understood that you pay to secure your place, and by doing so, limit the ability of the Operator to take another paying client.  If you cancel mid-term, it is most likely that the Operator will not be able to fill your place and will be out of pocket, taking into consideration the rental cost of the group fitness class room. 

 Likewise, if you are unable to fulfill your commitment to classes for the remainder of the Term, those classes are not transferrable to another person (or “stand-in”).  It will be at the discretion of the Operator/Instructor as to whether this option is available, and will depend upon such things as the experience of the stand-in and whether the Operator/Instructor feels that this will affect the flow of the classes and other clients within the class.

1:1 Private / Clinical Pilates

The session must be paid in full prior to the session commencing (on the day, if not before).  1:1 Private / Clinical sessions may be purchased in blocks and paid up front if the client wishes to do this for ease of payment.


If the session is cancelled 2 days prior (48 hours) or more prior to the session, no fees will be incurred. If cancellation occurs between 1 to 2 days (25-47 hours) prior to the session, the client will incur fees to the value of 50% of the full fee. If cancelled within 1 day (0 to 24 hours) prior to the session, the client will incur the full fee for the session. Cancellation fees must be paid as soon as is practicable after the cancellation, and before the next due session.

1:2 Small Group and Reformer Duos sessions

The idea of small group and duo sessions is to make studio sessions more affordable to individuals wanting to use the equipment. By grouping/pairing up with someone, you are making a commitment to the other individual/s (and to me) to uphold your end of the bargain, ie, paying your share of the fee. In this situation, it therefore becomes very tricky when it comes to cancellations. Due to the nature of the involvement of an additional person/s in a shared situation, the cancellation policy relevant to an individual doing private sessions must be different to allow for protection of the second or third person/s. Outlined below is the cancellation policy relevant to shared/duo sessions:

Cancellation Policy Relating to Small Groups and Duo Sessions:

  1. If Party A cancels 2 days or more prior to the appointment, then no fee will be incurred by Party A. Party B will be notified as soon as practicable after Party A cancels, and will be given the opportunity to continue with the scheduled session as a private session, attracting the private session (full) fee. If Party B does not wish to continue with the session on that basis, they are given the option of cancelling the appointment provided this is done 2 days or more prior to the scheduled session time, with no cancellation fee.
  2. If Party A cancels within 48 hours of the scheduled duo session, then they must pay their share of the duo session fee. Party B will be given the opportunity to continue on with the session as a private, whilst only paying their share of the shared/duo session fee. If however, Party B also cancels within 48 hours of the scheduled session, they will also incur the full cancellation fee for their share of the duo.


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